About Me

Sunday jog

Hey everyone,

My name is Mike Jones. I’ve been a cardio enthusiast ever since I can think back. The passion started early on when I joined a soccer team at the age of 7.

When you’re young, you’re full of energy and it’s good to get running around as well as building a bit of new friendships and other valuable skills a team sport can teach you.

So as I played soccer for several years, I also learned that I especially loved the warm up or cardio phase. All the negative energy you carried around with you suddenly flushes out of your body and you let lose. All the endorphins and other hormones suddenly rush through your body and happiness is activated.

As I got older however I suddenly had knee problems and I was told I couldn’t continue to do any sports for the next 3 years of my life. I just sat around a computer and basically kept busy with video games.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love video games but when everyone is outside running around (especially in summer) and you can just stand there and watch people, video games quickly become boring.

I decided to do some sports which don’t need me to use my legs too much and quickly fell into a gym. I went from being the skinny guy to becoming a rather sporty person. It took me a few years but as my muscles grew a bit more and my body became a bit stronger I suddenly felt a bit more stable and the doctors gave me the ok to get back on the running type of sports.

The thing is, I may have bulked up a bit and became a lot stronger, but I also had a bit of a belly now. I also realized that simple tasks like walking up the stairs or any type of sport would tire me out extremely quick.

It was after the doctors approval where I started doing some cardio again. My long lost passion was back in the game and I ended every gym session with 25 minutes of cardio.

The days where I took breaks from the gym I did around 35-45 minutes of cardio. Not only did these few minutes get my belly to shrink but those happy moments came back.

I also learnt that the muscle growth was drastically increasing because of all the blood that was suddenly rushing through the body more often through the cardio.

Overall, I guess I’m just trying to say that there are numerous ways of cardio and there are so many benefits to each of them. Because it helped me through the dark days, early years and my adult life, I have a strong passion to share the insights I gathered.

Hopefully I can inspire some of you to get on the same bandwagon. Additionally I want to make sure you don’t get health issues by using the wrong machines or doing the wrong type of movements.

Some gyms actually made my knees hurt and when I found out it wasn’t because of my posture or the amount of training I was going through, but much rather the wrong shoes or because I was using the wrong type of machine, I became furious and instantly changed gym.

I’ve tested many machines out and I’ve been to gyms all over the world (Iceland, UK, Spain, Benelux etc) and all the great ones have very similar machines for a very simple reason.

That reason is that they work the most effectively, don’t insure the person using it and they last!

Hope you enjoy the site!